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In a busy and noisy world

Genuine & real is the new currency

We live in a very important technological era

Digital Transformation Is Happening Now

These days, capturing people’s attention is a big challenge, not only because information is at their fingertips, but communication has been transitioning from linear to asynchronous. This means that communication happens in fragments, at different times, and in different devices and circumstances.

This presents the challenge to properly embrace technology and to establish an online presence as an ongoing effort to properly communicate the mission and goals of a company, organization or individual.

There is a need to genuinely connect and engage with people in ways that go beyond automation and contact records on a database.

The ways we connect and inform our audience not only have to be relevant, but personal and authentic.

Bridging the gaps

empathy & Passion for technology are my super powers
Online Presence

Web Governance

Open Source Advocate

Content management systems

Learning manamegemt systems

Software and web development

User experience

Creative and analitical thinking

ecommerce and databases

Super powers

What I Can Do For You

Whether you are a company, organization or individual, I can be a valuable resource to you.

I am able to combine my software engineering experience with my deep creative thinking and tinkerering ability to solve any challenge.

This is where my empathy allows me to fully understand your needs and then implement them using the right technology.


Online Presence

Understand the importance of content online and the different platforms.

Web Governance

A framework for managing an online presence in a controlled and orderly way.


Website creation in one of the most powerful content management systems.


Creation of online stores using platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce.

My short story

Passion for Tech

My first experience with computers was back in 1989; in the times of monochrome monitors and the early days of graphical user interfaces.

I built a robot in college made out of some of my childhood toys.  It connected to the printer port and moved with the keyboard using software that I developed.

I was the first student to develop a Microsoft Windows program in my college. It was such a novelty, as computer programming back then was not visual.

Then the internet came into existence and I learned how to create websites, which were extremely static back in the day. From there, my interest in technology has grown alognside my knowledge of it to the point where I am today.

creative, thinker & writer

More About Me

I am Mexican who is always up for good food, especially if it involves tortillas!

I think that life is about sharing the experiences we find along the way.  It is about helping each other and trying to do so without expectations.

I strive to never lose the child-like manner of discovering and learning new things.

Philosophy is something that not only Pitagoras was able to do.  I think we all posses an amazing opportunity and ability to philosophate about life and our personal journeys.

I dream of a world where, no matter what technological advances society goes through, there is always room for making true, genuine connections from human to human and heart to heart.

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